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The Champions
This section is dedicated to those Champions who strive to achieve more for the country.  I happen to coach them for Peak Performance and Mental (Sports Psychology) aspects of the game.  

Varshaa (Young Big Champion)

  Varshaa is a young Big Champion. She is a perfect Exemplar of what it takes to be a Champion. She has already achieved a lot in her Sports Career, and continues to be passionate and dedicated to work harder to improve and get better. She is an engineering student and attends college during the day, and in the evenings she practices for 3-4 hours every day. I coach her on mental aspects of the game: to stay confident,to stay focused, facilitate mental rehearsals & relaxation techniques, setting powerful beliefs, facilitate winning state of mind.  

Varshaa’s introduction in her own words:

  I have won 5 sub–‐junior, 3 junior and a senior–‐bronze national snooker title so far. The past three years have been quite eventful as I was selected to represent India in 5 World Championships and won a two bronze medals in the world team Snooker championship and world under–‐21 snooker championship. I am very passionate and dedicated towards this sport and aspire to win many laurels for the country.”  

Achievements International Championships

IBSF WORLD TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 –‐ BRONZE MEDALIST, Ireland BSF WORLD SNOOKER CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 –‐ quarter finalist, Latvia Participated in IBSF world under –‐21 snooker championship, Fujairah, UAE. Participated in IBSF world snooker championship 2014–‐ Bangalore IBSF world under–‐21 snooker championship 2015–‐ Bucharest–‐Bronze medal  

Achievements Nationals

2009 Sub Junior billiards –‐ rank 3 2010 Sub Junior billiards –‐ rank 3, Junior billiards –‐ rank 2, Junior snooker –‐rank 1 2011 Sub Junior billiards –‐ rank 1, Sub Junior snooker–‐ rank 1, Junior billiards –‐ rank 1 2012 Sub Junior billiards –‐ rank 1, Sub Junior snooker–‐ rank 1, Junior billiards –‐ rank 2, Junior snooker –‐ rank 1, Senior billiards –‐ rank 3 2013 Sub Junior billiards –‐ rank 1, Sub Junior snooker–‐ rank 2, Junior billiards –‐ rank 2, Junior snooker –‐ rank 2 2014 Senior billiards –‐rank 4

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Anjan Raman (The Fighter)

Anjan Raman; is a National Gold Medalist in Jiu Jitsu [Brazilian Martial arts]. He is a trained professional having started as a wrestler in 2010 in traditional wrestling [Kushti]. He has been a part of the Indian Combat Sports Academy fight team from 2013 till present. Anjan Raman is the Indian representative at the International level competitions in the following sports categories; Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts [MMA] and Kick Boxing.        
Anjan Raman, National Gold Medalist, represented India at Vietnam in October 2016. He will also be representing the country in the Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games next year in 2017 [September 15-24, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan].


Started as a wrestler in 2010 , part of INDIAN COMBAT SPORTS ACADEMY fight team from 2013 to present Wrestling [2010 – 2016], BJJ [2013 – 2016], MMA [2013 – 2016], Kickboxing [2013 – 2016] JIF 2015 69kg Newaza National Champion JIF 2015 World Championship participant 2015 Jiu jitsu national Gold Medalist 2 X Sub-Continental NO-GI Silver Medalist Undefeated amateur MMA record 2-0 2016 WAKO Karnataka Kickboxing 71kg State champion

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Prajwal (The Inspirer)

Prajwal; is somebody who inspires: with his winning attitude, with a desire to excel, and with his infectious smile.  He is a world record holder for fastest timing in Bionic Olympics Cybathlon, which was held in Europe, and a state level body builder.  He inspires many youngsters to chase their dreams, and go for whatever they want.
Hear from Prajwal in his own words."Hi, I am Prajwal 25yrs old freelance graphic designer, and a sportsman. Bangalorean by heart, I grew up here, as part of a small traditional family of 4.   I took part in state level bodybuilding competition, and International Bionic Olympics Cybathlon which was held in Switzerland, in which I hold  a world record for fastest timing. The show was live telecast across Europe on couple of TV channels, and that is by far the best feeling of my life.   To get in to the competitive sports a person needs lot of confidence and few years back I was not the kind of person who had any. In shot, I was a depressed wandering person, seeking for an appreciation, an approval, from my close ones. My head was stuffed with limiting beliefs. Everything I tried, even a short goal, I failed in each attempt. By the age of 20, people are generally confident about what they want to achieve, and what they want to do. I used to look at 20 something people planning things and achieving goals, and I always used to feel that I have some problems that I am unable to achieve anything.   Then one magical world popped into my ears "NLP Anchoring technique". Slowly I started to understand and learn about it and how to use it. I felt fascinated and started to apply that technique. I saw a drastic change in myself, and I started to dig further into self help and NLP. I wanted to learn NLP techniques, use them, and do something in my life.   During my search I met Mr.Vikram Dhar through Social media. I am very thankful to him for allowing me to attend his NLP program free of cost, as otherwise, I could not afford to do so. The program was amazing, I learnt about how to break limiting beliefs, how to be more confident in what I do, question my own doubts. I stopped seeking approval of others for my goals, my desires. People around me started to see changes in me, and I still remember few friends wanted to be like me, how I communicated, and how I could manage my state and take decisions easily. I have used all lessons and implemented NLP techniques in my life to be where I am today, and continue to learn more towards being a better person in my life, and an inspiration for others who want to do something in life when life pulls you down."      


International Bionic Olympics Cybathlon (Switzerland), World Record holder for fastest timing State level body building champion  

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